Below is a link to the Spring 2020 Schedule and extra scoresheets.  There will also be printed scoresheets at Golden Cue Billiards if needed.  There is an envelope behind the desk at Golden Cue Billiards to place your completed scoresheets and money.  If playing a match at Trick Shot Billiards, please place your completed scoresheets and money in the APA drop box. 

 Spring 2020 Schedule - MASTERS

Extra Scoresheets - MASTERS

This division will be flexible with schedule/ match times.  Thursday nights at 6:00pm at Golden Cue is when the matches are scheduled but feel free to shoot the matches at your convenience.  PLEASE COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR OPPONENT ON WHEN YOU WILL BE PLAYING YOUR MATCH!  Everyone will play each other 1x (13 matches total).  Please try to play your matches in order of the schedule.  

Matches are $10 each (plus greens fees) and all money received (less APA royalty) will go to the advancing players for travel assistance to VEGAS!!!

We will have 2 players from this division qualify for the Vegas Masters team (1st place division and playoff winner will qualify). There will be TWO weeks of playoffs: 2nd vs 5th & 3rd vs 4th. Winners play each other in Playoff Finals.

The Masters Division goes by games won (points).  For example, if a match ends up 7-5, Player A receives 7 points and Player B receives 5 points.  These point totals will accumulate over the session and the standings will be based on total points earn, NOT Wins/Loses.